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Survey on Homosexuality Perception in Nigeria

On the 7th of January, the Nigerian National Assembly passed the Anti-Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, 2013. According to a NOI Polls survey conducted in June 2013, 92% of Nigerians support the legislation,[1] [1] making Nigeria the second-highest rate of non-acceptance of homosexuality out of 45 countries surveyed.

This apparent homophobia is at variance with Google analytics[2] [2] which shows that Nigerians search for gay porn. This shows the disconnection between private vice and public morality.


Veil of Silence Trailer from The Initiative for Equal Rights on Vimeo and  BFI London LGBT Film Festival  Q &A session

On the brink of an impending law that could re-write their destinies, a young group a young group of sexual minorities in Nigeria defy all odds in the pursuit of happiness.

In the midst of all, their strength, resilience, vulnerability is brought to fore in this informative and mind-blowing documentary.




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